Residential Pest Extermination in Saint Paul and Minneapolis, MN

If you manage a multi-home unit, such as an apartment complex or a duplex, you know how quickly problems like pest infestations can spread from one unit to another. Luckily, Be There Pest Control offers pest control for home interiors and exteriors, so whether there’s a hornet nest underneath the eaves or cockroaches in the kitchen, our team can quickly solve the problem.

Located in New Brighton, MN, we also serve the Minneapolis, MN, and Saint Paul, MN, areas. Keep your tenants happy; call on our residential pest extermination services today.
Family happy after receiving residential pest extermination in Minneapolis, MN
Save Money While Receiving Quality Service

We offer contracts for multiple complexes and property management company deals, so if you own or manage one or more apartment complexes, duplexes, or townhomes, you can save money with us. Check out our multi-housing bedbug control plan for additional money-saving deals.

Our team is fast, reliable, and friendly. We will answer all of your questions simply so that you can get the information you need to keep your property safe and free of pests. Rely on us for all your residential pest extermination needs in Saint Paul, MN, and Minneapolis, MN.

Keep reading to learn more about how our pest control services can benefit the property you manage.
Protect the value of your property with the most efficient pest control services available.
With the proper multi-housing pest control treatments, you can maintain the value of the duplex, townhome, or apartment buildings while keeping the dwelling a pleasant place for your tenants.
Provide safe pest treatments for your residents.
You can keep the mice and roaches out of your housing properties without exposing your residents to harmful chemicals and other substances. Call us for the best solution that will require as little multi-housing pest control products as possible. Our goal is to keep your residents safe & happy while eliminating the unwanted pests from the property.
Your satisfaction is guaranteed for all jobs.
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